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Basic Online Quote

  • This option works best for people with a straight forward bathroom renovation project. This includes keeping the same layout, bathroom face lifts, partial renovations, tub to shower conversions, master bathroom shower upgrades, and powder room upgrades.

  • Because we’ve done so many bathrooms over the years we know them inside out. Thus we can offer you fast a turnaround free written quote submissions. All you need to do is to fill out an online form and send us a few pictures of your bathroom.

  • You will get your quote within 4 business days.

  • Your project qualifies for a free quote if there are: no changes to the layout of fixtures, no modifications like enlarging a shower or total square footage, no other perks like heated floor, and no plumbing/electrical line upgrade.

Here is what you need

Measure your bathroom and the tub area (or shower)

Take a few photos including all four corners and the vanity plumbing

Provide detailed description of what is it your would like to do for your renovation

Send it to us via the Online Quote Request Form
and email your photos to

Home Consultation & Quote - $50
Why do we charge for a quote?

  • Recieve a professionally written itemized quote broken down by trades and by price emailed to you. Our itemized quote allows you to see exactly what is being done in your bathroom for your specific case. You also know exactly how much it will cost you to do it and the timeframe for successfully accomplish the renovation. We are very transparent in detailing every step in the renovation process that is specific to your unique case.

  • The small fee of $50 will be waived when you move forward with us.

  • Get to revise the quote three times in case you would like to add or deduct work from the quote (happens 80% of the times).

  • Rest assured that you will not be charged any extras unless they are hidden behind the walls.

  • Get an home visit with up to one hour consultation. During this time you can pick our brain about your project and not to feel guilty that you are taking up too much of our time or asking too many questions.

  •  You will NOT get any sales tactics or techniques so there will be no awkward moments

  • You will NOT be pressured to sign something right away or at a later date

  • You will NOT be bombarded by follow up calls and emails to see if you’re ready to sign the contract. We will send a follow up email after 5 business days

Who is this option for?

This option will work best for people who have a complex bathroom renovation involving many steps and variety of little tasks. These bathroom renovation projects fall under a paid quote option:

  • Changing the layout
  • Expanding the bathroom into another room or closet
  • Adding a basement (or at any other floor) bathroom
  • Adding heated floors to a bathroom

It will also work best for people who are serious about their bathroom renovation, who’ve done their preliminary research and who will appreciate a highly detailed, itemized and customizeable quote-proposal.

This will help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, give you peace of mind and help you avoid stress and frustration that could result from an incorrectly estimated job.

Read more about the potential pitfalls of the free quote on a complex project.

+ read more

Read more about our approach to bathroom renovation quotes

The answer is simple, it takes a lot more time, thinking and research to compile an itemized proposal compared to a free simple quote. We believe that a highly itemized quote is absolutely essencial if you are attempting a complex bathroom renovation with twice the amount of items in the scope of work compared to an average renovation. There is no magic formula when it comes to producing the quote for complex projects. Every project is different and has to be custom tailored and carefully thought out.

An itemized and written proposal will act as insurance for you and also for us. It will prevent things like "I think it was included in the price" or "I remember I was mentioning it to you" coming from the client and "I wasn’t charging you for this" or "This wasn’t included in the price" coming from the us. It will allow you not to get overcharged with extras at a later stage of the project (known trick for contractors) and have much smoother and less stressful renovation experience. You will know exactly what’s being done to your bathroom and what’s not. In the event where there is a dispute or suddenly arising extras you can refer back to your document and see if this particular element was listed or not.


The reality is that a free quote is merely a gimmick to get people into your house and try to sell you their services or products and try to prove to you that they’re better than their competitors. So what you get from the "free in home quote" is usually mostly a presentation at best and with the occasionally selling techniques and very BASIC written quote or a verbal quote consisting of a price range which is not doing you any good.  What you actually need is an ITEMIZED proposal broken down by each specific step that must be taken to SUCCESSFULLY complete your project and also by corresponding pricing so you can understand where the total price is coming from.

Our approach is a different. We believe that our work and multiple successful projects and reviews speak for themselves and we don’t need to convince you to go with us. However, to come up with a professional quote takes time, knowledge, additional research, and experience. We believe this time has to be compensated if at the end you’re not going with our company. However, if you do decide to go with us – great, we’ll gladly refund this charge towards your security deposit.


Making mistake in the estimation after you’ve had your free quote

When you get a free visit from a contractor it is only natural for a contractor to make a mistake in the estimating. Think of it this way,  It could take up to one hour to create an estimate for your bathroom renovation, this is excluding the visit and driving time to your house. So in total it could take up to 2.5 hrs from start to finish to prepare you the quote. It is a lot of time for a busy professional contractors for which he does not get paid. That’s why many contractors don’t spend enough time to think about your project and that’s why many of them make a mistake in estimating and as a result in the final pricing.

Not Charging enough

when a contractor realises he’s made a mistake in the price not in his favour, the first thing he will do is try to recoup the losses. There are many ways to do that. The most common ones are creating extras out of thin air, skipping work to do another projects – could last for weeks, rushing the job, skipping construction steps, using the cheapest materials. If you notice some of this behaviours it could be a sign contractor made a mistake in the estimating.


a lot of times a contractor marks up by much more than required to avoid making a financial mistake. He wants to give himself a piece of mind by adding some   percentage to the price so that he doesn’t have to spend time thinking about the scope of work for your project as required. This will result in you overpaying for the job. Sometimes it could be by as much as 50%.

So what is better undercharging or overpaying? Neither but overpaying will probably make you project go smoother and with a better quality then underpaying.

+ potential pitfalls of a “free quote” for complex projects

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