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Ajax Bathroom Renovation

We have a unique approach to bathroom renovation. We deliver top-quality projects thanks to our experienced in-house contractors and our use of quality materials and fixtures.

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Bathroom Renovation in Ajax, ON

Do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong bathroom renovation contractor. You should work with a credible and reliable contractor who upholds quality standards and uses quality materials.
Ajax Bathroom Renovation – Simplified Approach to Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is a chance for you to install more energy-efficient features like water- saving toilets and faucets, to improve safety by getting rid of safety hazards like uneven floors, mildew, and chipped tiles, and to get more functionality. If you are looking to sell your home, bathroom renovation is a way to increase the resale value of your home.


Despite popular belief, you don’t have to break your bank to get the bathroom of your dreams. Bathroom renovation can be stress-free and affordable with proper planning. At Easy Bathroom, we have a design team that will come up with a custom design based on your dream and available space. We use 3D renders to help you visualize how the space will look. We have a material catalogue where you can pick good quality products at below market prices.


Our team will help with the material procurement and delivery. We complete most of our projects within a week. We have an experienced in-house team that does the plumbing, electrical works, and general construction. Contact our team today for the best bathroom renovations in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Step-by-step Approach to Bathroom Renovation – Let Us Make You a Bathroom That Stands Out

When you come to us, we will assign a project planner to discuss your renovation goals and to have a look at the current space. The information we gather will then allow us to come up with a custom plan that satisfies your specific needs.
  • Planning & 3D Rendering
  • Demolition and disposal
  • Electrical Work & Plumbing
  • Walls and painting
  • Tiling and baseboards
  • Fixtures and finishes
  • Planning & 3D Rendering
    We have a team of experienced designers who will translate your dream into reality. Other than making design diagrams to be used by the contractors, our designers also make 3D renders. The 3D renders allow you to visualize what the space will look like. If you don’t have a clear vision of what you want, we have a big design catalogue from where you can get bathroom renovation ideas.
  • Demolition and disposal
    Before construction can begin, the old fixtures and materials have to go. Our team will do the demolition and get rid of the debris. We take care not to cause damage to the existing plumbing and electrical wiring, which can be reused, and not to cause structural damage.
  • Electrical Work & Plumbing
    Demolition and disposal are followed by the installation of plumbing and electrical wiring and fixtures. We have an in-house team of plumbers and electricians who have vast experience.
  • Walls and painting
    After the electrical work and plumbing are complete, we will work on the walls and ceilings. We will then paint the wall.
  • Tiling and baseboards
    Once the walls are done and we have painted, we install the floor tiles. It is also a good idea to tile walls that come into contact with water, such as in the shower area, to prevent wall damage. We then install the baseboards of suitable material.
  • Fixtures and finishes
    Once we have installed the tiles and the baseboards, we will finalize the bathroom renovation with the installation of fixtures like the bathtub, toilets, towel rack, mirrors, and sinks. We will also install the wall and ceiling lights.

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How Much Does Ajax Bathroom Renovation Cost?

Despite popular belief, bathroom renovation in Ajax needs not to break your bank. So, how much do you expect to pay for bathroom renovation and what is included in the price?

At Easy Bathroom, we believe in transparency when it comes to our pricing. We do not have hidden charges – the estimate we give you is inclusive of labour and materials. Different clients have different requirements and budgets – we have a solution for everyone. The price of the bathroom renovation will depend on the size of the bathroom, the scope of the project, and the materials and fixtures to be used.

When you come to us, we will give you a free and accurate estimate based on your requirements and the measurement we take. Please contact us today to start your journey towards transforming your bathroom into a haven.

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