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Bathroom Renovation Burlington

Renovating a bathroom in Burlington is not straightforward if you do not have a trustworthy and experienced team of experts by your side. You can enjoy a simplified process from Easy Bathroom experts with a step-by-step process.

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Bathroom Renovation in Burlington

We have a systematic approach to every renovation, where we start with a prior agreement on the expectations and costs to eliminate any misunderstanding. Then, rest assured, our team gives your bathroom a new outlook without any mishaps.
Burlington Bathroom Renovation – Trust Our Experts to Reinvent Your Bathroom

You do not have to dread the unpleasant experiences other people have had with bathroom renovations. Easy Bathroom is here to ensure it remains an easy process throughout. We offer the most outstanding bathroom renovation services in Burlington, thanks to the technology available to us. Our professionals follow due procedures and adhere to the highest quality control standard.

We never go above the client’s budget range and treat every property we work on with the utmost respect. As a result, you are guaranteed the best bathroom renovations Burlington. Whether you prefer custom-made fixtures or not, our renovators will deliver exquisite results in your new bathroom. Our design team can give you modern and stunning designs for the new bathroom to make it stand out, and we do not charge for them.

Bathroom Renovation Steps – Professional Approach to Every Project

Bathroom renovation processes are extensive and require a well-laid approach. We cover every detail of the work before starting so our clients know what to expect. We believe in transparency and open communication. The steps below apply to our inclusive bathroom renovation services.
  • Planning & 3D Rendering
  • Demolition and disposal
  • Plumbing & Electrical
  • Walls and painting
  • Tiling and baseboards
  • Fixtures and finishes
  • Planning & 3D Rendering
    Planning allows us to identify the supply prices, labour costs, and other charges to determine a realistic budget for the project. The 3D rendering provides visualization and enables us to make all the necessary design changes.
  • Demolition and disposal
    Demolition also requires proper planning, hence the need for professionals. We disconnect electricity and water supply before we start knocking down walls. We are cautious enough to leave inner pipes intact and in proper condition.
  • Plumbing & Electrical
    After removing the walls and exposing the inner layers, we inspect the plumbing system and electrical wiring. You can identify the fixtures you want to recycle or replace, and we will handle their connection and installation.
  • Walls and painting
    Before restoring the walls, we will put in a vapour barrier in areas with the most moisture. We can use cement boards known for their support and maximum moisture resistance. After that, we finish with moisture-resistant paint.
  • Tiling and baseboards
    Our tiling procedure starts with the shower walls or tub enclosure. We then move to other wall sections before working on the bathroom floor. We use grout and caulk where applicable. You can select your preferred colours.
  • Fixtures and finishes
    The next stage involves installing the sinks, vanities, lights, exhaust fans, and other fixtures. We improve the functionality and visual appeal of your bathroom. We will connect them to the electrical and plumbing pipes and install the toilet last.

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Burlington Bathroom Renovation – How Much Does it Cost?

The first factor to consider is the labour charges. Many experts require an hourly payment, but you can also find some who charge a fixed standard fee. The average hourly rate in Burlington is approximately $45 on the low end. That means it can be significantly higher when dealing with a more experienced contractor. Some contractors also provide inclusive services, meaning they provide electricians, plumbers, painters, and others within the same company. Hiring such companies is always better. They help you save time and money.

It also increases the chances of the budget remaining within your preferable range. Even so, the total bathroom renovation costs in the region can vary between $9,000 and $40,000.

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