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Are you in search of skilled bathroom contractors in Newmarket? Look no further for your bathroom renovation needs! Here at Easy Bathroom Renovations, we are proud to be recognized as devoted bathroom contractors, a reputation we've been building since 2015. Our commitment is to deliver excellence, whether you are considering a modest refresh or embarking on a comprehensive bathroom renovation project. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your future projects align with the utmost standards of quality. Is it time to elevate your space? Reach out to us now!

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Our proficient team selects only premium materials to construct bathrooms that epitomise beauty and practicality. Whether it’s a compact bathroom refresh or a large-scale bathroom renovation project you’re contemplating, we are poised to actualize your dream bathroom. Indulge in the luxury of walk-in showers and bespoke cabinetry, where every element, including storage space, is crafted to perfection.


By fusing our extensive knowledge in bathroom design with high-calibre products, we ensure an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our efforts culminate in a final result that is visually captivating and enhances your home’s value, space, and functionality.


Why Choose an Easy Bathroom for Your Bathroom Renovations in Newmarket?

At Easy Bathroom, we’re distinguished for delivering an exemplary renovation service, supported by a cadre of seasoned project managers, plumbers, and electricians. We are dedicated to interpreting your vision and executing it with precision, crafting a new bathroom that invariably surpasses expectations.


Expect stellar service from our experienced contractors, who are fundamental to making your ideal home renovation project a reality. Our pledge to you encompasses competitive pricing paired with an unwavering commitment to excellence and customer support.


Relax with the assurance of our two-year warranty on all craftsmanship pertaining to your bathroom renovation. Take the first step towards your bathroom transformation with a free, detailed estimate from us today.


Begin your renovation journey with expert design consultations that will refine and bring your vision to life. We use durable materials, ensuring lasting quality and your total satisfaction with our service.


Benefit from our extensive experience in bathroom transformations, brought to you by our certified professionals.


Comprehensive Bathroom Renovation Services in Newmarket

At Easy Bathroom, we deliver an extensive range of bathroom renovation services in Newmarket, catering to every aspect of your home renovation project. Our bespoke services are designed to align with your unique needs and aesthetic preferences. From a minor bathroom update to a full-scale bathroom renovation, our expertise and craftsmanship ensure a seamless transformation of your space. We meticulously select high-quality products and materials, guaranteeing superior workmanship throughout the entire renovation process.

Bathroom Renovation

Renovating a bathroom is not just about function—it's about crafting your dream bathroom, a sanctuary where you can relax and rejuvenate. Homeowners in Newmarket rely on contractors and us as their professional bathroom contractor to elevate their bathrooms to spa-like havens. Our professional team at Easy Bathroom is dedicated to meticulously planning and executing your bathroom renovation, ensuring a result that is as stylish and practical as it is comfortable.

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Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen transcends its role as a cooking area to become the centrepiece of a home. Our kitchen renovation services in Newmarket are structured to create a kitchen that satisfies your functional demands while reflecting your individual style. From the installation of new fixtures like granite countertops to bespoke cabinetry, we ensure each kitchen renovation project is handled with high-quality service, transforming your vision into reality.

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Plumbing and Electrical Work

Our seasoned, certified plumbers and electricians are crucial to our comprehensive bathroom renovations in Newmarket. They guarantee that all plumbing and electrical work upholds the highest standards of safety and compliance, integrating flawlessly with your bathroom renovation projects. Trust our team for reliable, efficient, and top-tier service, no matter the complexity of the installation.

Custom Bathroom Cabinetry

Understanding the critical role of storage space in both bathrooms and kitchens, our custom bathroom cabinetry services in Newmarket are tailored to maximise efficiency and elegance. We employ durable materials to ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of our custom bathroom installations, conducted with meticulous care and efficiency. Optimise the functionality of your bathroom with our custom cabinetry solutions.

New Bathroom Installations

The installation of a new shower or toilet is pivotal in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom renovation in Newmarket. Our team specialises in diverse installations, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless operation within your new bathroom design. We're attentive to all the details, guaranteeing that every component of your bathroom renovation works impeccably.

Complete Bathroom Renovation In Newmarket

For a comprehensive transformation, our complete bathroom overhauls are unmatched. We deconstruct your existing space and rebuild it, offering a blank canvas for your bathroom renovation in Newmarket. With our full-service overhaul, you have the freedom to modify every aspect of storage space, from the whole bathroom flooring, plan and plumbing to the bathroom flooring and walls. Allow us to reinvent your bathroom into a haven of serenity and sophistication, enhancing the value and comfort of your home.

Our Bathroom Renovation Process in Newmarket

At Easy Bathroom, our meticulous bathroom renovation process in Newmarket covers every phase of your bathroom renovation newmarket project. We are committed to providing unparalleled attention to every detail, from the initial free estimate to the final, joyous reveal. Our team manages each task with precision—encompassing planning, 3D rendering, demolition, disposal, plumbing and electrical work, wall treatment, tiling, painting, and fixture installation. Determined to construct your dream of bathroom renovation newmarket, we are the right contractor who delivers exceptional results within the agreed renovation costs and timeline.


Start your bathroom renovation journey in Newmarket with a detailed free estimate from the right contractor! We value your time, ensuring prompt delivery of a comprehensive quote that outlines all the renovation costs and services, from bathroom flooring to the installation of heated floors.


Every noteworthy bathroom renovation project begins with thorough planning. Once your vision for the space is clear, our project managers work to draft the layout and design, providing detailed drawings that bring clarity to the process. We employ state-of-the-art technology for a 3D visualisation of detailed drawings, allowing you to preview your new bathroom, be it a large bathroom renovation or a cosy guest bathroom makeover.


The demolition phase of your bathroom renovation in Newmarket is executed with care. Our professionals safely remove all outdated fixtures and materials, ensuring a clean and orderly job site. This careful preparation lays the groundwork for the next renovation project phases, from updating smaller bathrooms to creating more space in larger ones.


As we clear the room floor, our certified plumbers and professional electricians will handle the essential plumbing and electrical work. This step is pivotal for ensuring the functionality and energy efficiency of your shower and bathroom renovation, whether installing new fixtures or renovating the entire bathroom.


With all the details and groundwork laid, we reconstruct the walls, preparing them for a coat of high-quality, moisture-resistant paint. This stage is about more than just color—it's about creating visual interest and ensuring the longevity of your bathroom renovation in Newmarket.


The tiling installation process is where your bathroom renovation project truly starts to take shape. Our team carefully instals floor and wall tiles, enhancing the bathroom renovated shower room with elegance and ensuring every square inch contributes to the overall bathroom design.


This is the moment when your whole bathroom renovation really comes to life. Our professional bathroom contractors meticulously install sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and all the fixtures that make all the difference, ensuring each is a testament to our commitment to quality in your whole bathroom renovation in Newmarket.


In the final stage, our project managers conduct a comprehensive review, ensuring every aspect of the renovation project meets our exacting standards and your bathroom is renovated to your complete satisfaction. Our job isn't finished until every detail is perfect, from the bathroom flooring to the professional installation of custom shower fixtures, ensuring we've met your every expectation for your next renovation project.

Understanding Bathroom Renovation Costs in Newmarket – Secure Your Free Quote

Embarking on a bathroom remodelling or renovation in Newmarket can encompass a diverse range of budgets and project scopes. At Easy Bathroom, we ensure transparency with a free quote, detailing the bathroom renovation cost inclusive of materials, labour, and any additional expenses. Our commitment to service in Newmarket means working within your financial framework, whether the project involves a minor update to a small bathroom or a complete bathroom remodelling.

Understanding The Cost: From Minor Updates to Complete Overhauls

Homeowners often ponder the cost involved in a large bathroom renovation. In Newmarket, the prices can vary significantly based on the extent of the bathroom renovation projects themselves, the choice of bathroom flooring, fixtures, and the degree of customization required.


At Easy Bathroom, we steer clear of hidden fees, providing clear and upfront pricing for our bathroom renovation contractor services. Recognizing that a small bathroom renovation contractor may have different requirements than larger bathroom renovation contractors and projects, our pricing is as bespoke as our services.


Offering free quotes allows us to provide you with a detailed and realistic timeline for your renovation, ensuring you have a clear idea and realistic timeline of the investment needed for your bathroom’s transformation. Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied with the renovation process and the bathroom renovated final result.


To start your next bathroom renovation project with a trusted contractor, contact us today for a detailed estimate. Our team is ready to answer any queries and help you plan payment schedules for your bathroom renovation in Newmarket, ensuring your vision is realised with precision and care.

Reviews and Testimonials from Past Bathroom Renovation Projects

At Easy Bathroom, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We invite you to read the reviews from our past clients to understand the reasons why we're the go-to bathroom remodel company in the Greater Toronto Area.
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Insider Knowledge: Bathroom Renovation Tips and Advice

Dive into our blog for a trove of expert insights on bathroom renovations in Newmarket. We cover a wide array of topics, offering valuable advice on planning your project, managing renovation costs, and selecting the right materials and fixtures for your space. Our articles are designed to provide you with the detailed information needed to make informed decisions throughout the renovation process. Whether you're contemplating a small bathroom update or planning a major overhaul, our blog is a resource to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams while ensuring you're completely satisfied with every step of the journey. From the latest trends in bathroom design to practical tips on creating more space or maximising energy efficiency, our blog is an essential guide for homeowners in Newmarket and beyond.

Common Questions About Bathroom Renovation Project

At Easy Bathroom, we understand that embarking on a bathroom renovation in Newmarket brings many questions. Our job is to provide clear, concise answers to help you through the entire process.
  • How much does an average bathroom renovation cost in Newmarket?

    The cost of a bathroom renovation in Newmarket can vary widely. On average, homeowners might expect to invest anywhere from CAD 10,000 to CAD 30,000, depending on the scope of the bathroom remodelled and the quality of materials used.
  • List the most costly bathroom renovations in the country.

    Luxurious renovations in affluent neighbourhoods, particularly those in areas like Richmond Hill, can be among the most expensive in Canada. These projects often include high-end materials, custom designs, and extensive structural changes.
  • Can I renovate my bathroom for $5,000?

    While a $5,000 budget is on the lower end, particularly for Newmarket and surrounding areas, strategic choices in materials and focusing on cosmetic changes rather than full-scale renovations can make a significant impact. Selecting the right bathroom renovation contractor can help maximise your budget.
  • How much does it cost to renovate a small bathroom in Ontario?

    For a small bathroom in Ontario, renovation costs start around CAD 15,000. This accounts for basic updates like new fixtures and a fresh coat of paint. The price increases with the addition of high-quality materials, custom installations, and changes to the layout.
  • How much does it cost to renovate a small bathroom?

    The average price for bathroom renovations can reflect the broader cost trends within the country. In Ireland, as in Canada, the average bathroom installation and bathroom renovation cost will depend on the extent of the work. However, for minor updates and renovations, smaller bathrooms can be refurbished on more modest budgets, often starting from €5,000 to €10,000.

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