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Renovating A Bathroom in North York

The first step to a stress-free bathroom renovation Toronto is choosing a company with the best qualities and skills. Easy Bathroom provides that – unmatched quality through strict processes. We also avail several benefits such as assistance with material delivery and complimentary designs.
Renovation Results That Surpass Expectations – Easy renovation in North York

Bathroom renovations do not have to be messy or expensive to improve property value. Outstanding results are not always expensive, so long as you plan adequately and consider all the necessary factors.


Proper planning allows you to envision the finished bathroom space, and the best design services enhance that vision. Our designers have everything you need, from experience to familiarity with the latest trends. We also have an expansive material catalogue that can guide you in selecting durable materials at affordable prices.


We take pride in giving you a bathroom you can be proud of – you do not have to keep a bathroom space that is not inviting. Our comprehensive services, from design to material selection, ensure you get a stress-free experience. We also complete renovation tasks within the shortest period. Our team awaits your communication to start transforming your current bathroom into an elegant space.

Easy Bathroom Renovation Steps to Make Your North York Bathroom One-Of-A-Kind

Our bathroom renovation steps are not complicated but are systematic. You begin by meeting our renovation planner to discuss your expectations and goals comprehensively before developing a personalized plan for those specific preferences.
  • Three-Dimensional Planning and Rendering
  • Tearing Down and Getting Rid of the Rubble
  • Electrical and Plumbing Fixtures Installations
  • Painting and Wall Repair
  • Tiling and baseboards
  • Fixtures and finishes
  • Three-Dimensional Planning and Rendering
    We believe that renovation details depend on the design outcome, and the design can only be successful if we understand your needs correctly. We use 3D modeling and rendering to give you an accurate depiction of the new space.
  • Tearing Down and Getting Rid of the Rubble
    We knock down walls and remove the necessary fixtures and features to create room for new installations and layout changes. Although demolitions require a lot of time, proper planning can reduce the timeline by simplifying the work.
  • Electrical and Plumbing Fixtures Installations
    After demolitions, the next step involves handling electrical and plumbing systems. The renovation may include relocation or placement of new fixtures, which we do professionally. Swift and efficient installation becomes easier after we strip the room.
  • Painting and Wall Repair
    We begin repairing the walls and painting them for a smooth finish. We give the new bathroom space a comprehensive flow regardless of your preferred colour options.
  • Tiling and baseboards
    Our professionals will work on the floor after completing the walls. We install the flooring material of your choice, covering the hidden places too. We also work on the shower area and ensure the entire bathroom section is covered.
  • Fixtures and finishes
    The final step is adding all the decorative and functional fixtures you like, including the bathtub, towel racks, and mirrors. We also place all the wall and ceiling lighting. We confirm the room is practical and elegant.

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What is the Cost Estimate for Renovating a Bathroom in North York?

Understanding the pricing and renovation options before starting a project can save you a lot of stress. Since we value integrity, we insist on sharing all information with our clients before signing the agreement. We do not hide any charges or include vague price points that are not understandable. Once we give an estimate, we stick to it throughout the project.

It is essential to remember that there is no stationary bathroom renovation cost in North York. The prices usually differ according to the specific components of the project, such as the scope, materials, and labour force. That is why we start by assessing your needs before issuing a quotation – each client gets a customized price quote.

Easy Bathroom also takes pride in helping homeowners make informed decisions. We provide all the facts and recommend the best measures from a professional standpoint.

We are available to assist and answer all your questions. Contact us today.

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