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Condo Renovation in Toronto

Are you planning to give your condo a fresh look? We are a one-stop shop committed to transforming condos into something new. When you hire us, you sign up for excellent renovation work in Toronto.
Professional Condo Renovation Services in Toronto

Whether you have moved into a new condo and want it to match your style or wish to refresh the look of a condo you have lived in for years, the first step is to hire a condo renovation contractor. This is because there is more to a condo renovation than just replacing the fixtures and wallpaper.

At Easy Bathroom, we are a leading condo renovation company fully committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of condo owners. We take care of everything from design to the complete overhaul of your interiors. We are happy to share our portfolio so you can gauge the quality of our work. We also take time to listen so that we offer a solution that meets all your requirements. Contact us now to understand why we are your best bet whenever you need a condo renovation contractor.

What to Consider Before Renovating Your Condo in Toronto

When you are ready to renovate your condo, there are several things you have to plan for early enough in the process. They include the following:
    Many condos have strict regulations on the transportation and disposal of materials during renovation. These regulations are there to keep you, other residents and the building safe. When making arrangements for a renovation, contact the management to learn about the rules surrounding the transportation and disposal of materials. Doing so will help avoid delays and hassles once the renovation team arrives. Adhere to all policies.
    There are many common areas in condominiums. Any damage to these shared areas can cause inconvenience to the other tenants. As a result, condo corporations may ask that you get insurance or pay a damage deposit before the renovations start. The insurance protects you if anything goes wrong. The deposit that is paid to the corporation will cover the cost of any potential damage during the renovation.
    Since you don’t own the whole building, you will need to book the elevators for the days when the renovations will be taking place. Moreover, considering contractors use larger vehicles, you will also need to book more parking spaces, preferably those closest to the entrance. The elevators and parking will be crucial in a renovation; booking them in advance will save time and money.
    Renovation work is noisy and may distract other tenants. Listening to contractors drill, hammer, saw and move heavy items can disrupt your routine. To protect the other residents, the noise bylaws in Toronto state that construction cannot be done from 7.00 pm to 7.00 am on weekdays and 7.00 pm to 9.00 am on weekends. Your condo may also restrict hours, so make sure you find out about the restrictions.
    The condominium corporations are registered legally as operational entities. As a condo owner, you may have shares in the corporation. This doesn’t mean that you can make the decision on your own. There is an appointed board of directors that is charged with decision-making. When getting ready for a condo renovation, you need permission from the board of directors to avoid issues. Give them a proposal.
    There may be policies in place limiting certain condo renovations. This is more so when it comes to electrical and plumbing renovations. The restrictions exist because other units in the building will be connected to the same lines that run in your condo. You will need approval from the condominium corporation if you plan on changing the plumbing and electrical systems in your condo.

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What Are the Rules to Follow and Permits to Obtain You Need for Your Toronto Condo Renovation?

When it comes to renovations, there are several condo renovation rules in Toronto that you have to follow. Before you get started on a condo renovation, it is imperative that you consult the condominium corporation. Communicating with the board of directors will save you time and money as well as eliminate the risk of undoing unapproved condo renovations.

There are several rules you have to follow when renovating a condo:
⦁ Provide a proposal that outlines your intended renovations and submit it for approval to the condo corporation.
⦁ Get insurance and provide a damage deposit in case something goes wrong.
⦁ Adhere to noise and work bylaws. The noise bylaws in Toronto prohibit any construction work from 7.00 pm to 7.00 am on weekdays and 7.00 pm to 9.00 am on weekends. The condo corporations may have other policies.
⦁ Transport and dispose of materials. Permission for the use of the elevators and parking has to be acquired.
⦁ All electrical and plumbing changes have to be approved by the condo board.

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