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How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation

With so many fantastic bathroom designs popping up on social media, it is easy to feel like your bathroom is outdated. While you should not renovate your bathroom every time you see an inspiring design or whenever you are intimidated by your neighbour’s bathroom, you should not put up with a bathroom that is impractical or too outdated. You can update the bathroom in phases, or if you have the budget, you can do a complete renovation. So in what order should I renovate my bathroom?

As with most bathroom renovations Toronto, achieving the best results is all about planning, researching and gathering ideas. Poor planning is the main reason most homeowners end up spending a lot of money on renovations only to end up disappointed. If you want to learn how to start planning a bathroom renovation, this post is for you. Here are the steps you should take.

Determine Your Bathroom Needs

The first step in any bathroom renovation is to assess your needs. One of the best tips on how to plan a bathroom renovation is to bear in mind who will use the bathroom. The answer to this question will significantly impact your choice of the scheme as well as how you plan the bathroom. Will the bathroom be an en-suite shower for one or a family bathroom? For example, if it is a family bathroom, you will need lots of storage for kids’ toys. If what you are after is a spa-style bathroom, you will need an extensive list of fittings and specifications, which may include a separate shower, a bath, lots of storage and double basins.

It is also important to consider the type of space you want in your bathroom. Do you want an escape haven, or are you the type of person that loves to spend as little time as possible in the bathroom? The type of space you need will influence the type of fittings, fixtures and colour scheme you select.

The rule of thumb when renovating a bathroom what to do first is to think about how you would use your dream bathroom. Do not simply think about how you use the current bathroom. Draw on your experience when using great spas or resort bathrooms. What did you like most about them?

Be Honest with the Available Space

The mistake many people make when working on a bathroom renovation is failing to be realistic with the available space. The type of layout you choose and the type of elements you add will all depend on the size of your bathroom. With that in mind, you need to get accurate dimensions of your bathroom. Also, do not forget to factor in features that impact the design, such as the windows and doors.

Once you have the exact dimensions of your bathroom, you should then cut to scale all the items you wish to add. This includes the bath, shower enclosure, basin, loo and storage cabinets. You can plot the dimensions of the bathroom on paper and then rearrange your desired items to see if they fit. Move them around until you get the best fit. Make sure you leave plentiful space between elements and see how well-suited the room is for more than one occupant.

Be Honest with Your Budget

Nothing is more frustrating than finding the perfect bathroom design only to realize that you cannot afford it. To avoid this kind of frustration, you must come up with a budget early enough. Be clear on what you want to spend on your bathroom early enough.

The cost of bathroom renovations varies significantly, but you should always understand that it is expensive. A simple makeover can cost several thousand dollars. A typical mid-level remodel that includes a full fixture replacement can cost between $15,000 and $18,000. An extensive renovation can cost $30,000 or even more. Even when a project is small, the costs add up because you have to subcontract electricians and plumbers. Bathroom elements are also not cheap.

With these costs in mind, the rule of thumb is to be clear on how much you want to spend. Your budget will help pick the right fixtures, layout and other items. Being clear on how much you want to spend will keep you from going for options that are out of your financial reach.

Choose Whether to Remodel On Your Own or with a Contractor

This is an important consideration you will have to make. If you are handy, motivated and only plan on doing surface alterations, it is possible to complete the bathroom renovation on your own. However, if you are doing a more intensive remodel, you will definitely need expert help. This is because installing a toilet is not as straightforward as it seems. The installation of bathroom tiles and plumbing work should only be left to an experienced professional.

Working with a professional will guarantee quality work. However, this does not mean that you work with just any professional. When hiring a contractor, only hire the one that has been appropriately licensed. You will also be safer with a contractor that carries adequate insurance just in case something goes wrong. Moreover, to save time and money, pick a professional that offers added services such as clean-up once the work is done.

Steps in a Bathroom Renovation

What are the steps in a bathroom renovation? Now that you are familiar with the initial preparation steps, it is time to answer this important question. Here are the key steps:

 1. Measure up the bathroom space

As aforementioned, the best way to know which items will fit in your bathroom is to know how much room is available. Getting accurate dimensions of your bathroom will help create a scale of your bathroom that you can use to see how items fit. If you plan on using a contractor or a professional designer, they will need the dimensions of your bathroom to create the layout that is perfect for you.

What should I pick first in a bathroom renovation? Being realistic with the space is paramount in a bathroom renovation. It can help you know what to pick. If the space is too small, you might be unable to add all the elements you envisioned – you may have to make compromises. The key is not to cram everything in the room. You need to maximize the visible space. Involving an expert can further help you know how to optimize the space without causing the room to feel crowded.

2. Pick a layout

While it is not easy, selecting the right layout will help create a bathroom that ticks all the boxes on your list. You can always start by getting layout inspiration from the internet, from bathroom experts and by visiting other bathrooms. Doing so will help you know what you need. All in all, you should not change the layout of your bathroom for the sake of doing so. If the current layout works, you can keep it.

It is also good to be proactive when choosing a bathroom layout. While you might not need a bath right now, your needs might change in the near future. You should also not create a bathroom that is too small. Keep in mind that your family might grow.

3. Account for Ventilation

One of the areas that are often overlooked is ventilation. The bathroom has high humidity levels. This means it has a high chance of getting musty if there is no proper ventilation. If your bathroom has wooden furniture, you will need adequate ventilation the most. This is because condensation can easily damage the wood. An open window will simply not be enough.

Some of the things you can consider is installing an extractor fan. This can be wired so that it is separate from the lighting. That way, you can control it without affecting the lights.

4. Account for Storage

The best tips on how to plan a bathroom renovation involve accounting for storage. Storage is crucial to any bathroom renovation. While you may be tempted to simply add a glass shelf, that is not the best way to go. You need a considerable vanity for storing your towels and other bathroom essentials. You can even go for mirrored cabinets that allow you to store your necessities and charge your electric razors and toothbrushes.

Bathroom storage should be given a lot of thought. With careful consideration, you can weed through the many available options and settle for the one that best suits your needs. For bathrooms with limited storage space, you can go for storage options that serve multiple purposes. A mirrored cabinet is a good example.

5. Think About Lighting

Bathroom lighting has to be given careful consideration. This is more so when you consider that a bathroom is situated beside the bedroom. You wouldn’t want lights glaring in your face at night whenever your partner goes to the bathroom. Installing lights with varying levels of brightness are a great idea. You can turn them low when you go to bed so that the glare will not disturb you.

6. Tiles are Great

The surfaces of your bathroom will either make or break the room. There is nothing worse than vinyl or paint that is peeling. Tiles are waterproof and, with proper care, will look great for years. Moreover, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing tiles. The rule of thumb is to make sure they are installed properly. The colours and patterns you choose must also blend with the other elements in your bathroom.

7. Colour Choices

As you plan how to start planning a bathroom renovation, it is paramount that you think about the colour. It is easy to change the colour of wallpaper or painted walls, but when it comes to tiles, it will cost you both time and money to change the colours. You must choose colour schemes with care. You can also add colour using such accessories as artwork or houseplants.

The above are the best tips on how to plan a bathroom renovation. You should, however, never feel obligated to do everything on your own. Seeking expert help will help you avoid expensive mistakes and get the best results that align perfectly with your vision. Experts can also help you keep up with the trends.

At Easy Bathroom, we are committed to being the go-to company when it comes to bathroom renovation. We are always happy to answer any questions our clients may have and offer expert advice on handling a bathroom renovation. Don’t gamble with your next bathroom remodel. Give us a call and allow our team to make your dream a reality.

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